My new book is out now. The book launch was in Johannesburg where I was in conversation with Professor Vishwas Satgar. Here’s a video of the night:


In this book, Change: Oranising Tomorrow, Today, I’ve written down and reflected on the lessons I’ve learned over the years. From when the genesis of inspiration listening to Steve Biko speak when I was 15, to the work building power through organising and collective action to contribute to the ending of apartheid to the exciting work I am a part of with Nadeli Village building thriving communities.

jay-on-the-shoulders  earthrise-building

Each generation must find their voice and this is a book from the voice my generation found. My hope is that this generation can learn from it as they find their own as they pick up the mantle of continuing the painstaking work of making a more just world and this requires great change.


To check out the interviews and talks I’ve been doing around the launch see my Media page.

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