Earthrise Trust


– Connecting head, heart and spirit –

As one of the founders and trustees of the Earthrise Trust I have enjoyed the co-creation of a new way of doing community and social development. We are building an innovation hub with the local community, Nadeli Village. This is a social development initiative that provides opportunities for sustainable livelihoods, as well as access to quality healthcare and education. You can read a little about what we are doing with Earthrise Trust in Rustlers valley here:


Creating livelihoods: The birth of a new Naledi Village on Rustlers Valley farm

Or watch a short clip where we explain more here:

Or better yet, come to Rustlers Valley and see what is happening for yourself.

You can stay at the wonderful Earthrise Mountain Lodge. By staying at the lodge, you help develop the local Naledi Village community as all profits of the lodge go to supporting the EarthRise Trust.


Then take a walk in the mountains, breathe in the fresh air and surrounded by the beauty of nature retreat, relax, reflect and recharge. Be inspired for when you return home to make your contribution to making the world a more just place carrying the spirit of the valley with you.