Draw and Paint Like Picasso: Why Kids Should Learn the Lost Art of Drawing

Draw and Paint Like Picasso: Why Kids Should Learn the Lost Art of Drawing

Drawing is an art that has been lost to the digital age, but it doesn’t have to be. This post talks about how learning drawing and painting can help kids develop skills in areas like math, science, social studies, language arts, and more.

Visual communication

Drawing and painting are both forms of visual communication. Drawing is about expressing yourself through pictures, while painting is more about trying to recreate images from the real world. Both share a common goal: good drawing skills can help you paint better, but practicing painting doesn’t automatically make your drawings any better. It just means that you’re able to get what’s in your head onto paper with greater ease than before. As such, if one didn’t teach or develop these skills at all it would be like not learning anything new at all!

Easy to learn

Fortunately there are many ways for kids (and adults) to learn how to draw and paint by using modern technology like computer software programs and online tutorials where they don’t even need traditional art supplies anymore! Learning how to draw can be as easy as learning how to use a mouse or tablet, and there are many different types of software that teach in the same way.

Increased visual literacy

Drawing isn’t just about creating pictures for fun either. Drawing is also an important part of visual literacy – it’s necessary when trying to read maps, graphs, charts, diagrams and more! It requires you to think critically about what you see so that you understand concepts better. Learning drawing skills is great because they have practical uses outside of art too! By learning these lost arts kids gain new knowledge in areas like math through its geometry lessons, science with its focus on observation skills needed when studying biology or zoology, social studies with all those found everywhere nowadays (and don’t forget about history!), and language arts like when reading a historical text or listening to an epic poem.

Better motor skills

Drawing is also great for developing fine motor skills in kids, which can lead towards better handwriting too! It’s not just pencils and paper either – drawing on the computer screen helps with using mouse pointers and other digital tools that we all encounter these days. All of this should be more than enough reasons why learning how to draw is so important!

Even though there are many benefits from learning how to draw it doesn’t mean you have to quit your day job. Many graphic design companies hire talented artists who create images digitally but use traditional art supplies every once in a while. It’s just one of the many tools they use to create logos, company branding, album art for musicians and all kinds of other artwork through their professional careers!